Instant Deposit / Withdrawal

Instant withdrawal of funds

For forex traders reliability and convenience will always be relevant when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. Today’s forex brokerages offer several options for deposits and withdrawals: deposits/withdrawals made directly in a company office, wire transfers, bank cards, and electronic payment systems (EPS). Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages, the most significant of which are presented in the following table!

Advantages and disadvantages of various payment methods


Payment in a company office
  • High reliability
  • No commissions imposed by intermediaries
  • Not enough offices that accept payments
  • Frequently a lot of time is spent getting to the office
  • Ability to make payments is limited to the office’s hours of operation
Wire transfer
  • High reliability
  • Quite high commissions
  • Increased time to complete payment (up to several days)
Bank card
  • Convenient and fast
  • Ability to make a payment from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Insufficient security, especially when making a payment online
Electronic payment system
  • Convenient and fast
  • Simple and affordable
  • Ability to make a payment from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Insufficient security (compared to other payment methods)

Modern electronic payment systems are the most accessible way to conduct cash operations on a trading account. Even today, many major banks are integrating electronic payment systems into their services, because they greatly value the systems’ rapid growth and promising future. Opportunities to convert electronic funds are constantly growing. You can now use the Internet to easily cash out funds from virtually any EPS. At the same time, electronic payment systems are becoming consistently more reliable. Transaction security is provided through additional user identification options: from encrypted electronic keys to confirmation text messages sent to the account holder’s telephone when performing operations.

To a large degree, the advantages of electronic payment systems make a modern forex trader’s decision. Many well known brokerages work with electronic payment systems, substantially increasing their inflow of clients who enjoy the possibilities offered by electronic funds.

Our clients can make deposits/withdrawals from a trading account using a large number of electronic payment systems. It couldn’t be any other way. After all, we works with traders from virtually every part of the world, and each of them should be able to choose the EPS that best suited to their forex needs.

Using the advantages of electronic payment systems and striving to offer traders the best conditions, Continuefx has become the only forex broker in the world to offer its clients an entirely unique service: quick withdrawal from a trading account. In essence, this service means that any clients can withdraw funds from a trading account to an electronic purse within seconds of requesting the withdrawal. Withdrawals are completely automated, i.e. they are completed without any involvement from finance department specialists, which guarantees that our employees will not interfere with the process in any way. In other words, any client can instantly withdraw profits to his or her electronic purse. Nothing else compares to this service. No other forex company is yet prepared to use such a payment model. At a time when online periodicals are packed with stories about how many brokerages are delaying pay outs to their clients under far-fetched pretenses, Our specialists have fundamentally solved this problem. The trader manages the process of withdrawing funds from his or her account. The only requirement is that the funds be withdrawn to the same electronic purse from which the account was replenished. Moreover, if deposits have been from different payments systems, withdrawals must be made in proportion to the amounts of the deposits. Our specialists are ceaselessly improving the automatic withdrawal system: approximately 98% of withdrawal requests are currently processed automatically.

The instantaneous withdrawal service is one of the most obvious signs of Continuefx’ reliability, because it gives clients round-the-clock access to the funds in their trading accounts. Tens of thousands of traders around the world have already appreciated this ability. By staying with Continuefx, they continue to steadily ascend the heights of professional mastery.

Taking its clients wishes into consideration, Continuefx has gone even further by eliminating commissions on deposits and withdrawals from the most popular electronic payment systems. Thus, by optimizing its interactions with electronic payment systems, Continuefx has created an exclusive model for deposits/withdrawals. Reducing client expenses in every way possible lies at the heart of this model. Automatic fund withdrawal, which is one of the model’s central components, is a superb addition to the list of conditions that we offers its clients.