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CFD Education and learning deals with all you want to know about forex trading Indices as well as Commodities. CFDs consist of such widely used commodities since Oil and Gold, and also Important Indices for example Dow Jones with DAX 30
What is a CFD?
CFD (Contracts for Difference) provides leveraged long/short forex trading on nearly every financial instrument. It will be a simple and easy and affordable trading option to buy and sell the difference of rate in several commodity and other financial markets, with leverage and instant execution.
Continuefx provides numerous CFDs providing you with access to commodity areas - for example Oil, Agriculture and Precious Metals and also global equity markets indices like FTSE 100, Dow Jones 30, S&P 500 and Hong Kong Hang Seng Index.
CFD Terms
A CFD is an agreement between you as well as your broker to trade off, at the ending of the agreement, the Difference in amount between the starting and closing cost of the underlying instrument.

This indicates in CFD trading, you may not physically purchase or maintain the underlying asset; you trading an agreement whose price captures every difference of the cost of the underlying asset.
CFD Trading Examples
There are few examples of CFD trading. Take note that these are generally merely examples; remember that forex currency trading and Contracts for Difference (CFD’s) for instance online futures buying and selling is speculative and also requires great risk.


You funded your Trading Account with a $2,000 initial deposit.

You are considering investing in the US Equity Market and below are the trading conditions of some US Equity CFD Indices:

Instrument Name  Contract Size Leverage (Approximately)
S&P 500  1  100:1
DJ 30  1  100:1
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